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The FreakShake Is What Happens When A Milkshake Explodes Into Pure Awesomeness


A few weeks ago, the internet was going gaga over FreakShakes that were born in the Patissez Cafe in Canberra, Australia. If the FreakShake didn’t pop up on your social media feed then take a look at this beauty:


Ladies & gentlemen here he is…. In all his golden glory… Gay Pât The glorious…wonderful…ever crowd pleasing classic that is The Golden Gaytime in Pâtissez FreakShake™ form….by God he’s beautiful. Shall we begin? First we slather our jar inside & out with house made, slow cooked Dulce De Leche – rim rolled in crunchy biscuity malted milk crumb – he’s then filled to the brim with the gayest of Gaytime milk shake, made with our Dulce De Leche & vanilla ice cream – and theeeeeeeeen topped with a nice little mountain of whipped house made chocolate mousse…finally…the crown jewel…our mini Gaytime PopSlide – caramel mousse, dipped in milk chocolate & rolled in fresh made honeycomb…did we mention a cheeky spray of edible gold spray to give it that truly golden glow… Yes this just happened…yes it is real…yes you can have it tomorrow. Available for 2 weeks only & we will have 30 each day… *mic drop* ✌?️ #patissez #freakshakes #freakshake #OnlyInCanberra #GoldenGaytime #CopyThis

A photo posted by Pâtissez (@patissez) on Sep 15, 2015 at 3:20am PDT

And then these:

True to their name, the FreakShakes are what would happen if a milkshake exploded and spawned treats like chocolate mousse, salted caramel, ganache, whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate; simply put – all things good and sweet. So popular were the FreakShakes that copycats began emerging world over, so Patissez took things a little further and trademarked the name ‘FreakShake’ and explained what exactly makes their shakes the freakiest around.


To our loyal Pâtissez Freaks…we love you. Getting a lot of concerned messages letting us know about other peeps trying to emulate our freakiness… Stress not! It doesn’t bother us one bit…it’s actually a little flattering ? Our FreakShakes™ are 100% original…anyone can pop in to Coles & jam a bunch of ingredients into the top of a shake glass… (With exception to our Nutella shake) our shakes are full on dessert creations. We use premium ingredients that are straight up freshly baked each night…combined with damn bloody sensational Tilba Jersey Milk (seriously this stuff will convert even the non-milk drinker) We will have a new Freak of the Week every week to freak you all right out! Thanks so much for your loyalty & love! It really is truly amazing…this is only just the beginning ya’ll! We are after all…the Original Freakshow ?? #patissez #freakshakes #theOriginalFreakshow #AintNobodyGotNothinOnUs

A photo posted by Pâtissez (@patissez) on Aug 5, 2015 at 2:27am PDT

The cafe recently announced the launch of a new line of FreakShakes including BanoFreak, the Cookies N Freaks (an ode to the Oreo) and The Fruity Freak made to celebrate summer:


The fruitiest…brightest & FRESHEST FreakShake™ of them all!!! The Fruity Freak This is the ultimate celebration of summer!! Made with 100% real fruit – absolutely NO lame artificial colours or flavours… Shall we?? We dress her up in a strawberry & lime gel – fill her to the brim with the most amazingly refreshing watermelon shake – topped up with some light & fluffy blushing rose scented whipped cream…are you ready for the BEST PART?!??!!?!?!?!? A strawberry, watermelon & rose sorbet popslide, dipped in Lindt white chocolate & dusted with freeze-dried strawberries… We are completely dying over this! The perfect member of the FreakShow to really freshen things up & get all summery up in here… Oh…did somebody say Gluten Free?? All the summer feels ?☀️ …Grand finale coming right up! 8pm fellow freaks #patissez #freakshake #freakshakes #StrawberryWatermelon #SummerLovin #StrawberryWatermelonShake #glutenfree A photo posted by Pâtissez (@patissez) on Oct 30, 2015 at 1:32am PDT

These FreakShakes replaced some of the originals, much to the sadness of many customers. However, Patissez replied saying that they wanted to create shakes that were lighter on the palate for summer and to elevate their level of originality so copycats would find them harder to imitate.

“Quite frankly I was bored,” said Anna Petridis, the FreakShake creator to Canberra Times. “I was ready to take it to the next level. We’ve got a lot of copycats coming out and there weren’t many (FreakShakes) that were fresh up, more summery and hard to copy.”

If you’ve been drooling over all these photographs but can’t quite figure out how to justify a trip to Australia to your boss/spouse/pet then take heart because rumour has it that Patissez is planning to expand overseas. Fingers crossed that the FreakShakes will be coming to a cafe near you!