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Top 5 Food Delivery Services To Save Your Time


With fast lives, you need everything quickly ready as you are always on the go. From morning to the time you go to bed, you are running here and there for one reason or another. You are so busy that you skip your meals sometimes. Cooking meals have become an old thing since the food delivery service came into existence. Whether you want to have street food or a dish from a famous city restaurant, you can have it on your doorstep.

However, when there are so many food delivery services around you, it is pretty obvious to be perplexed. You might wonder many times that what to order and from where to order. Nonetheless, some of the food services are excellent with timely deliveries with healthy food.

It saves plenty of your time and money which is greatly convenient when you are running out time for cooking or even eating. Catch a few trustworthy names of food delivery services that offer delicious meals at an affordable price in your area:

Blue Apron: 

It provides a whole meal-kit service that brings a complete satisfaction to your hunger in a healthy way. They use some straightforward cooking techniques. Thus, it has some recipes that take hardly 45 minutes of time to be ready to serve. The process is super easy and directions can be followed even by a kid.

All you have to do is making an account and you would be eligible to order a kit in 15 minutes. It costs less than $10 per person and still offers an array of healthy options with a few vegetarian dishes every week. The chefs here also work with some farmers to bring out the best taste from the unique ingredients. You can try their extraordinary wine subscription that comes with a special sized bottle of wine to be paired with their meal.

Sun Basket: 

Sun Basket majorly focuses on the ingredients they use and it is absolutely visible in their dishes. The products they use are all organic without any added hormones in the meat and without any preservatives to preserve seafood. The variety ranges from diet special food to vegan and vegetarian foods so, you can order whatever you prefer the most.

Their meals are always fresh and creatively served. This quality of the Sun Basket fascinates numerous customers making them place an order from the food delivery service. According to the Sun Basket itself, their meals are healthy as each kit serves 550 calories per serving. They are high in fiber and protein without any added dairy or sugars.


The best part of HelloFresh is, it allows you to customize your meals for a whole week. Choose any of the vegetarian-friendly boxes to curated chef boxes and family-style boxes. You get an order intact, plus, the company arranges your meal into small boxes that you can store in refrigerator if you want to save it for later.

When it comes to making a choice for food, you have various categories to pick a dish. You can adjust your meal preferences such as pork free, beef free or fish/shellfish free. In another case, you can also go for ‘Fit meal’ with most nutritionally dense recipes, ‘Quick meal’ that gets ready in just 30 minutes, and ‘Variety’ that provides multiple choices for scrumptious food.

Purple Carrot: 

Purple Carrot run on the power of plants. Yes! Each meal provided here is not just vegetarian but, also vegan. Oh hey, it is not at all about just grilled veggies; the meal box includes several seasonal herbs, produces and sauces that keep the meal-kit interesting and yummy. Look for the a la carte and you would not find any boring salads here.

The chefs here creates a new plant-based dish each week. So, if you are lactose intolerant or do not eat any animal products, this company makes food for you. You can have cauliflower orange or tomato faro risotto or any of the dish containing your favorite vegetables. Some of the food blogs also refer to it for fresh and tasty recipes Purple Carrot offers to its customers.


Plated is widely known for its seasonal meals such as grilled hickory barbecue or  Summer Quinoa Bowl would give a refreshing taste. Every week, you would be able to see a list of 20 recipes that you can mix and match. The most mouthwatering part of this meal services is dessert options that come with every order you place.

The company sticks to the standards it has set for the food ingredient they use. Meat items would be free from antibiotics and added hormones and fishes would be always fresh. They try to source organic products whenever possible.

Whether you’re inclined to have the best restaurant food or want to try out the best street food, these food services surpass it all. So, do not wait to order your next healthy and delicious meal for family or friends.