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TTK road just got baking


[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you love the smell of freshly baked bread as it comes straight out of the oven?

Sandy’s has a new junior in town, and this new store has settled comfortably in Alwarpet. The words ‘Old Madras Baking Company’ is written in an old-style font, and the aroma of fresh bread hits you as you enter the store.

What’s baking?

You can feel a strong baking vibe from this place.

This Bakery/Gourmet specialises in different kinds of breads and preserves. The bread range doesn’t end with our typical white bread or wheat bread choice. There’s ciabatta, focassia, panini, gluten-free, Danish and cereal bread. Love thy baker? Amen.


The best piece of news is yet to come. The bakery has plans to widen their variety of breads.



Here’s more

Healthy and fresh home-made marmalades and syrups are stacked neatly on wooden shelves. The ever-famous Orange marmalade and equally popular raspberry marmalade immediately catches the eye.



From olive oils, Red vinegar and mustard to various kinds of frozen meat and cheese, this shop sells all the required accompaniments to their bread.

What’s healthy and tasty?

9 different varieties of salads are offered, for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The chickpeas salad, the egg salad and the tuna salad have all the customers raving about this bakery.

The Old Madras Bakery lets you make your own sandwich by choosing your preferred type of bread and salad.

Baking is back in business.