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Watch A Delicious Sandwich Being Made At A Sandwich Stall In Chennai


Chennai is home to many street food delights and it’s signature kayendhi bhavans are always reliable for hungry locals looking to catch a quick meal or snack break. Read more on kayendhi bhavans here.

When you’re in Chennai, you simply can’t miss out on street food stalls that serve South Indian themed dishes, or the most popular beverage on the go, by the streets, the sugarcane juice. But another common item found all over the city is a signature sandwich with a distinctive taste. 


This sandwich is made with a filling of potatoes mashed with spices and sometimes additional vegetables like peas. The mash is sandwiched between slices of bread that have a layer of butter and mint chutney spread over them, both inside and out, and then toasted warm. Oh, and did we mention that layer of cheese? Yes, you don’t need to ask for it because many sandwich stalls take the joy of creating a real treat for their customers by always including cheese as part of their sandwich recipe. It’s great when it’s toasted and close to melting, and the mix of all those flavours are exactly what takes you back to that stall for another sandwich! 


Ever seen a sandwich stall in Chennai make a lovely bread omelette? Watch it now.