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Your Juice Cleanse Is About To Get Better With A Little Orange And Orange


Juice fanatics, rejoice! We’ve got a little something for you, again. It’s another one of our fabulous detox drinks, and yes, it is a legendary 3-ingredient recipe. Simply because we all like things fast, fresh, and simple. This one is a classic orange drink with a twist, but if orange is not your thing, don’t you worry because we have more classic juice recipes that you can find on our site! This detox drink recipe is called an “Orange & Orange”, because of the juicy citrus fruit and the bright colour of a sweet carrot. If you’re looking to for something refreshing for your morning, this simple yet sweet juice is the way to go. Oranges are extremely healthy and together with the vitamin packed carrots, you get a great dose of nutrients that will do you good.

To make this delicious detox drink, you will need only three ingredients, oranges, carrots, and just a squeeze of one lemon. We really mean it when we say that this is extremely simple to make because all you need to do is peel and slice both the oranges and the carrots, squeeze the juice of one lemon and blend them together. You can add some ice while blending if you’d like it cold. You can also add an extra orange or some water for more of a juicier consistency. But remember, sugar isn’t necessary. After all, this is clean eating and it must be done right. Go ahead and use this fabulous detox recipe to kick start your juice cleanse!
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