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Turns Out, You’ve Been Drinking Water All Wrong!


It’s a known fact that the human body is primarily made of water. Basically, we’re like super complex cucumbers with feelings (damn you, feelings). We’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but let’s be honest it’s more like 4 (2?). However, according to Ayurveda, we’re doing something much worse than not keeping hydrated (I know, I was shocked too). We’re drinking water while standing which, apparently, is super bad for you!

It turns out, there is a science to drinking water to ensure that our bodies are able to absorb it fully (first I’m hearing of it, thanks, home-schooling). According to SmartCooky, the way you drink water is imperative to the way you feel throughout the day. So, if you’re glugging your water down, as one is prone to do, you may not be getting the optimum benefits of drinking water.

Ayurveda, as a lifestyle, is associated with harmony and nature. Hence, when you’re drinking water standing up your body is in a state of tension putting your body into fight mode which also causes you to drink water faster. According to Dr Dhanvantree, an Ayurvedic expert, this is when problems like arthritis and joint damage come into play.

So, although you may dismiss it as superstitious, it is a fact that you shouldn’t do things in haste. And who knows, you could reap the benefits of sitting down and sipping your water – it’s definitely worth a shot!