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10 Avo-tastic gifts for the love of Avocado


We could go on and on ranting about the health benefits of Avocado because the list seems endless. They act as moisturizers for your skin, helps reducing weight so on and so forth. But you know what else? They are fantastically delicious and in general are very pretty. The green and cream blend to create a very gorgeous looking fruit.

No wonder its slowly becoming everyone’s favourite heartthrob. So for the avocado lover in your life here are 10 avo-tastic gifts.

1. An Avocado Tshirt 

This delightful shirt:

2. This awesome backpack 

This statement backpack:

3. Adorable Toy 

This adorable plush toy:

4. This must-have avocado cuber 

This amazing avocado cuber:

5. A friendship necklace for you and your avocado-lover bestfriend

These adorable friendship necklaces:

6. A Perfect Ukelele

And finally, this super cute ukelele that proves you really can play with your food:

7. The truthful fork 

This fork that speaks the truth:

8. A fantastic bucket hat

This spectacular bucket hat:

9. An avocado-y flash drive 

This stealthy USB flash drive:

10. A badge of honour 

This proud badge of honor: