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If You Love Dogs And Food You Have To Follow This Adorable Instagram Account


If we’re being frank, we all know that dogs are so much better than humans. And, to be honest, most people would live a long and content life even if all they had was dogs and food. Insta account @dogs_infood photoshops pictures of adorable canines into delicious food.

Unsurprisingly, @dogs_infood is already immensely popular, amassing over 123,000 followers since the account launched in January. And they’ve got some celebrity support as well with Jenna Dewan, and Carrie Fisher’s adorable pooch following the page.

The best part? You can DM the admin who will make you an edit of your pooch in food – ain’t that something?

Compulsive junk food eater, football watcher, and book reader. Hate the unicorn trend, love laughing at my own jokes; also, sometimes I write about food.