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10 Bacon Recipes For The Bacon Monster


Bacon is one of the world’s most favourite meats and there’s no doubt why! This meaty goodness can be served with just about anything, enjoyed with all three meals of the day, and is absolutely delicious and irresistible! Here are 10 lip-smacking bacon recipes that every bacon monster will enjoy!


1. Cheesy Bacon Bombs

Quick and easy to make, these bombs will blow your mind! (See what we did there?)


2. Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast Recipe

Chicken just got better with the bacon add-on! These wraps are so simple to make, you’ll have them cooking all the time!


3. Grilled Bacon Bowls

You can load these bacon bowls with your favorite fried foods and enjoy!


4. Bacon Pasta Bake

This is the pasta you want to cosy up with on a cold day! Try it!


5. Bacon Wrapped Potato Boat

This is the ultimate potato boat recipe. Why? ‘Cause it’s got bacon, duh!


6. Bacon Jerky

Are you ready to indulge in thick, chewy and smoky slices of spicy bacon? Then this one’s for you.


7. Asparagus and Bacon Twists

Asparagus and bacon really make a perfect pair in this dish. It’s a great appetizer that everyone will love!


8. Eggs in Bacon Baskets

A quick and yummy recipe that you could whip up for breakfast, brunch, or even as a side for dinners!


9. Bacon Jam

Yes, you can make your own bacon jam! You’ll savour every mouthful of this!


10. Candied Bacon

Here’s another sweet treat you can make with bacon – candied bacon! Great for all bacon lovers!

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