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10 food I wish someone made a diet version of


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is a monster on the prowl, and he’s out to add a few inches to our waists. There has to be a way to stop the calorie monster.

We need to enjoy our food without guilt and worry. We need an additional ‘diet factor’.

Wait, why do you need a diet version anyway?

Here’s why.

1.  Chips

Because we can never stop with one. Or even one packet.

chips and diet

2.  Fries

Have you ever heard of anyone who said no to ‘fries’?

fries and diet

3.  Candy bars

Kids need a staple diet too, you know.

candy and diet

4.  Pizza

Pizza is an addiction that can’t be stopped at any age.

pizza and diet

5.  Deep fried chicken or technically, deep fried anything

It tastes amazing. We can’t get a better reason that!

fried chicken and diet

6.  Doughnuts

We need slimmer Police Officers.

doughnuts and diet

7.  Cakes

We have a lot of friends. And they all seem to have birthdays. Weird.

cake and diet

8.  Theatre popcorn

There’s a new movie coming out every week.

popcorn and diet

9.  Cookies

Can you hear the chant ‘We want cookies, we want cookies!’? That’s why.

cookie and diet

10.  Burger

It’s either this or salad. And let me assure you, no one is choosing the salad.

burger and diet