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10 Names That The Ultimate Foodies Can Christen Their Baby With 


What happens when two foodies get married? For one, you can expect a delicious spread at their wedding reception. A few years later, you may get an invite to the christening of Basil, their baby boy. In fact, whether the parents be foodies or not, basil is one of the most popular names for babies that have to do with food. Here are some others: 

1) Brie 


Only true connoisseurs of cheese would name their baby this – but it is a pretty name too, isn’t it? As of 2013, 51 girls in the United States had been named Brie. 

2) Ambrosia


A beautiful dessert, which is also what some baby girls are called. Sure sets the standard for the rest of their lives. 

3) Cherry


True foodies would look at the red cheeks of a baby and be reminded of luscious, ripe cherries. Perhaps that’s how the name was born. 

4) Kale 


More and more people are turning vegetarian, or vegan. Perhaps they name their children kale to be reminded to adhere to their lifestyle. 

5) Evian 


Drinking Evian water is a symbol of class. Naming your child Evian may be taking things a bit too far, wouldn’t you say? 

6) Pippin 


Some would say that the inspiration behind this name came from the hobbit in the Lord of the Rings. But, the apple lover would know that pippin is a type of apple. 

7) Apple 


Speaking of apples, some parents see it fit to pay tribute to the ultimate fruit. As of 2013, 27 girls in the USA were named Apple. 

8) Honey


It’s a sweet name, we have to admit. 

9) Shiraz


Imagine the toast at the baby’s christening; “Let’s raise a glass of Shiraz to Shiraz!”

10) Candy


What if this baby grows up to hate sweets? That would be a tragedy.