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10 Songs That’ll Have You Dancing Towards the Kitchen


According to Shakespeare, music is the food of love.  But, try some permutations and combinations and you’ll find that music can be inspired by the love of food. These songs will have you singing along towards your next meal, or will be the perfect choice of song should you ever be forced to sing for your supper.

  • Food Glorious Food

Artist: Written by Lionel Bart, sung in Oliver! (the musical)

A throwback to school when you acted as an orphan in Oliver Twist.



  • Be Our Guest

Artist: Written by Howard Ashman & Alan Menken, sung in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

This may also be a throwback to the days where you were obsessed with Disney films. Or maybe you still are. Either way, this’ll make you crave some cheese soufflé.


  • Yes! We Have No Bananas

Artist: Billy Jones

Shopping for groceries can be a confusing, chaotic exercise. This song encapsulates the experience.


  • Banana Pancakes

Artist: Jack Johnson

Speaking of bananas, get inspired to make some lazy day banana pancakes with this song.

  • Real Girls Eat Cake

Artist: The Janoskians

Girls, drop your diets; real girls eat cake. Warning: Explicit language ahead.


  • Tequila

Artist: The Champs

Although this song has only three words, the melody will inspire memories that’ll have you reaching for a tray of shots. Bottoms up!

  • Savoy Truffle

Artist: The Beatles

This song was written by George Harrison as a tribute to friend Eric Clapton’s chocolate addiction. Some of its lyrics; “coffee dessert, you know it’s good news.” Yes, it very much is. 

  • Jambalaya (On the Bayou)

Artist: The Carpenters

Maybe this song will get you to try and make jambalaya, a Creole dish. Or if you’re not too confident with your Creolean culinary skills you could try the fillet gumbo.


  • I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever

Artist: Jimmy Buffet

We wish lunch could last forever too, especially if it’ll involve you singing songs like these.


  • Cheeseburger In Paradise

Artist: Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet sure likes singing about food (how could you not, if you had a name like his). It’s a song wholly about the perfect cheeseburger. Yum.