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This 106 Year Old Granny Is India’s Oldest YouTuber And Her Dishes Look Absolutely Delicious


Food YouTubers are nothing new; from competitive eaters like Matt Stonie to kitchen wizzes like Laura Vitale there’s a lot to see. This Monday, allow us to introduce you to an even more unique v-logger; 106 year old Mastanama.

Teaching The Taste Of Tradition

Mastanamma is a 106 year old great grandmother who lives in Andhra Pradesh and cooks in a rice paddy field; a unique combination of traits which has earned her fans across the world.

The silver haired chef lives in Gudivada and is filmed by her grandson, K Laxman and his friend Srinath Reddy who run the Country Foods channel on YouTube.

Afer popular demand, Reddy and Laxman released a video about ‘Granny’s Life Story’:

On screen, Mastanamma teaches viewers how to make traditional dishes like Big Fish Fry, Brinjal Masala, Egg Dosa, Watermelon Chicken, Duck Curry and even – bizarrely – Emu Egg Fry.

As well as her recipes, her YouTube fans are charmed by her manner and her smile; many have left comments wishing her a long life and talking about how they are reminded of their own grandparents. Her family and fans send her gifts and money in appreciation of her heart-warming videos.

Want to watch some more? Head to Country Foods YouTube channel here.