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11 New Restaurant’s in Chennai That You Need to Visit ASAP


Chennai is a city that is always coming up with something new, and restaurants are the best example of that phenomenon. Here are 11 new restaurants that are making namma Chennai that much tastier. 




The Nutcracker is Padur’s newest themed restaurant, with large Nutcrackers, soldiers and knights stationed around the restaurant. They serve a range of cuisines including Indian, Asian and Continental. If you’re looking for a fun, family friendly place, the Nutcracker is for you.

Located in Padur | Cost for 2: Rs. 1,500


Urban Spice Box- Zone by the Park


Urban Spice Box is a rooftop restaurant that serves up some delicious food- specifically North Indian food. Their menu is divided by the various ways to prepare food like the tandoor, the tawa and the sigdi. This place is a must for anyone who loves authentic North Indian cuisines.

Located in Pallikaranai | Cost for 2: Rs. 2000




Known for its continental quick bites and desi delicacies, Kapao is Ramapuram’s quirkiest eatery. It’s perfect for hanging out with friends or grabbing a quick meal between classes- which makes sense since it is so close to SRM College!

Located in Ramapuram | Cost for 2: Rs. 250


Café Toastie Express


If you’re looking for a café where you can meet with friends or get some work done, Café Toastie Express is what you’re looking for. With its modern minimalist interiors and scrumptious pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and dessert this place will be your new, favorite internet café.

Located in Aminijikarai | Cost for 2: Rs. 550


Grand by GRT’s Newest Additions

After the catastrophic December floods, T. Nagar’s Grand by GRT revamped their entire hotel, giving it more of a boutique hotel feel. With this renovation came three brand new restaurants:

Steam and Whistles is a bar cum lounge with a cozy ambiance with pops of colorful décor. The food is simple and not too messy, perfect since you’re going to want to hit the dance floor as soon as possible.

Cost for 2: Rs. 1500



Bazaar is an all-day diner with a buffet that is serves North Indian, South Indian, Asian and Continental food. With an open kitchen and elaborate décor, Bazaar is worth a visit.

Cost for 2: Rs. 2000



J. Hind serves up authentic Indian food (South Indian, North Indian and Mughlai) with a modern twist and a luxurious feel to it. It includes a bar and tasting menus for those of you who want to try a little bit of everything.

Cost for 2: Rs. 2500



The Velveteen Rabbit


The Velveteen Rabbit is RA Puram’s newest resto-bar with a “I’m falling down the rabbit hole” kind of feel to it. With dim lighting and the latest tunes playing in the background, it fulfills the criteria for the typical bar ambience and with it comes so scrumptious finger food and drinks. 

Located in R.A. Puram | Cost for 2: Rs. 2100




Fatoosh in Alwarpet is any Arabian food lover’s dream come true. Serving up some of the best biryani, roasted chicken and shawarmas that the city has to offer, Fatoosh is a very real competitor.

Located in Alwarpet | Cost for 2: Rs. 750

P.S. The have Iftar boxes!


Yakiniku- The Hyatt Regency


Yakiniku is the newest addition to Chennai’s growing Japanese restaurant collection. The restaurant has clean, Japanese décor and a serene ambiance, accompanied with lip-smacking food and drinks straight from the bar.

Located in Teynampet | Cost for 2: Rs. 2500


Famous Theory


Famous Theory in Shollinganalur is known for its delicious breakfast and brunch menus but they also serve North Indian and Chinese food. With rustic interiors and a buffet, Famous Theory is worth a visit… or five.

Located in Shollinganalur | Cost for 2: Rs. 750