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12 FoodTubers You Need To Follow For Great Indian Food


YouTube is heaven. For those who love cats, cooking, and cats cooking. You can now watch and learn to make almost anything and everything from YouTube. Emerging as a major platform for people to share their experiences, it comes as no wonder that it has more than seven million subscribers. When the platform is that huge, so is the number of performers. To separate the sane ones form the lot, we have picked Foodtubers who need to be on your list if you love food and cooking! These food tubers range from chefs to common people who go about trying to bring you the latest updates from food.


1. VahChef


You would have already heard of him, if you have a thing for looking up recipes online. He posts simple recipes that taste delicious. His full-fledged videos are loaded with various tips and techniques apart from delicious food. You need him on the list, if you need delicious food. He is now a TV celebrity with his own cookery show. Features both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.


2. Nisha Madhulika


With over 3 lakh subscribers, it easily puts her on the list of Top 50 YouTubers in India. Her recipes are a major hit, she went on to introduce her own website and a Facebook page. Her YouTube page features all vegetarian recipes.


3. Cooking Shooking


Cooking Shooking is run by a teenage cook, Yaman who is barely even 16 years old. He makes the most amazing dishes. Feeling miserable with your life? Oh, did I mention his 1 lakh YouTube subscribers? There, there. Life happens. So anyway, he is one kid who definitely need encouraging and deserves every ounce of it.


4. Manjula’s Kitchen

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Manjula’s Kitchen is yet another blog which covers over 200 recipes including many vegan recipes. Giving you easy yet delicious ways to cook authentic Indian Food is this YouTube channel.


5. Food Fatafat


For the love street food, just subscribe to this channel already! The blogger explores different varieties of food that throng the streets of India. You get to watch everything from how they are made to how tasty they are. A perfect blog for the people find pleasures in the streets of India.


6. Show Me The Curry


Run by Anuja and Hetal (the chefs) they introduce you to a new range of south Asian cooking and baking.


7. Street Food and Travel TV India


A new blog that was started in 2014, it shows us amazing techniques used in street and restaurant foods whilst you wait for you’re the plated food! Prepare to be amazed by what you see.  


8. My Money My Food


A new and budding YouTube channel, that features food from all walks of life. They even have videos of Village food, where they use different techniques for cooking.


9. Food Mantra TV


FoodMantra TV is an exclusive all food channel which in addition to recipes also features interviews with Chefs, food events and a dedicated Ask the chef where they take suggestions from the audience.  


10. India Food Network


Ranging from Kitchen hacks to food news. They cover and have it all! Their Adda with Kalyan that discusses food is a must-watch section for all those craving for food news.


11. Finely Chopped

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Kalyan Karmakar explores food in different regions of India. With Food walks featuring street food and restaurant stories featuring the stories behind famous Indian restaurants, the channel is always coming up with new and innovative ideas to keeps its subscribers hooked to it.


12. Roti Rasta aur Food


A section by FoodFood journeys through the Indian soil exploring not only food but also the heritage and the culture.