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15 Cinco De Mayo Food, Drink & Dessert Recipes


Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for 5th of May. The date commemorates the Mexican Army’s win over the French military forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It isn’t unknown that the Mexicans love themselves a mean fiesta and hence started the Cinco de Mayo celebrations.cinco-de-mayo

Here are 15 recipes to whip up some traditional Mexican food and drink on this day.



  1. Mexican Guacamole

The creamy, tangy and wholesome dip to jazz up your appetizers.guacamole


  1. Traditional Salsa

A Tex-Mex party is incomplete without chips, nacho, and taco dripping with the tangy traditional salsa.salsa


  1. Pot Roast Tacos

An elaborate version of the taco stuffed with a marinated meat filling, fresh veggies and served alongside salsa and guacamole.pot roast tacos


  1. Chicken Enchiladas

Celebrate a wholesome Cinco de Mayo with these corn and chicken filled, saucy baked enchiladas.Chicken Enchilada Recipe


  1. Mexican Frittata

Start your day with this Cinco de Mayo special frittata loaded with cream, cheese, and scallions.0165385_Mexican-Frittata_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscape


  1. Mexican Stir Fried Vegetables

A delight for the vegetarian party animals.feature image mex stir fry


  1. Mexican Fiesta Fish

It is a fiesta, after all, so bring out the freshest catch!feature image mex fiesta fish



  1. Avocado Lime Cheesecake

A refreshing and zesty cheesecake from the bakeries of Mexico City.avocado lime cheesecake


  1. Mexican Fried Ice Cream

A mouthwatering layered dessert comprising of cinnamon-spiced ice cream and a nutty almond base.fried-ice-cream-11A-600


  1. Crullers (Churros)

Stuff your face with some cinnamon and brown sugar dusted golden churros after dinner!feature image churros



  1. Mango Margarita

What’s better than a boozy mango drink on Cinco de Mayo to complement the mercury rise?mangorita


  1. Coconut Margarita

Add a dash of tropical charm to your glass of tequila infused booze


  1. Spicy Margarita

It ain’t truly Mexican without the spice!FN_FNK-Spicy-Margarita-Video_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni18col


  1. Watermelon Agua Fresca

A popular non-alcoholic drink in Mexico and Latin America, this watermelon flavored agua fresca is for those who have to drive home.Refreshing-Watermelon-Agua-Fresca


  1. Mexican Caramel Coffee

Finish off the feast with a cup of this creamy Mexican coffee spiked with caramel.feature image mex caramel coffee

Time for some Bailando!

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