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15 Drawings of Food that are absolutely unbelievable!


Australian artist CJ Henry recently published a series titled ’50 Foods in 50 Days’, in which she publishes a new drawing of food every day. They are all completely hand-drawn with pen and paper and look absolutely fantastic. They look so real that you will have a hard time believing that they aren’t photographs.

Henry explains on her Instagram that the idea for the series came to her after reading an article about the last meals of prisoners on death row.

 “So often people will ask hypothetical questions about what their last meals would be so I asked around a little and everyone I spoke to said something different.” So she figured, “If today really was your last meal wouldn’t you want it presented on the finest plate money can buy?”

 “Hence I went to buy heaps of Hermès dinnerware and proceeded with the idea so I hope you enjoy it.” Well we completely enjoyed it. Tell us what you think!