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1522 – The Pub in Bangalore is the Hot New Address in Everyones Book


Malleshwaram in Bangalore has long been known as part of Old Bangalore. Most of its residents have lived there for years or decades, for that matter, and have been let’s say the more traditionalist section of Bangalore’s urban crowd. So when 1522 – the Pub opened up in 2011, the youngsters and hipsters of Malleshwaram and around thronged like bees to honey. 

For long, we have heard the praises of 1522 – The Pub, but on a weekend night when Bangalore traffic is at its peak, we found it a tad bit difficult to trudge all the way. So when 1522 opened up in Koramangala, we couldn’t wait to go by and check it out. 


The Feel: 

1522 – The Pub is modeled exactly like its Malleshwaram counterpart with posters of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and the rockstarts of the 70s adorning the walls. There is a touch of quirky, with a few funnily worded posters. The heavy wooden furniture with touches of colour cushions makes the ambience inviting and homely. They have an option of an indoor and outdoor space and we picked the outdoors for better lighting and to enjoy the breezy Bangalore weather. 


The Staff: 

The staff were polite and courteous and very eager to please. Our plates were cleared off the table in a timely manner and the food arrived within a short while 

The Menu: 

The carefully curated menu at 1522 strives to strike a balance between the Desi and the Continental foods. While you can order your Hawaiin Chicken Salad, you can also order your home-style Chicken Biriyani. We settled on a French Chicken and Crispy Coriander Chicken for starters, an American Chopsuey for the main course and Mandarin Mojito and The Planters Punch for the drinks 


The Booze and The Grub: 

First up came the cocktails, the Mandarin Mojito was refreshing and to be honest, pretty strong. It was delicious and we finished it in no time. The Planters Punch was a combination of Dark Rum, Orange Juice and Pineapple juice and gave a very fruity feel. Next up, we were greeted by the French Chicken. 

The French Chicken was delicious and spicy and not at all what we expected. We were pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was. Then came the Crispy Coriander Chicken which was absolutely spectacular. The coriander was also mixed with chilli which we loved. Yes, we like spicy food. 


Next say hello to the American Chopsuey, in true American Chopsuey style, it was served with a bulls eye on top and fried noodles on the side. (we hate it when restaurants decide to mix the two). We mixed at our own pace and how we like it and enjoyed our crunchy, saucy meal. 

The End: 

1522 – The Pub hosts a weekly ladies night on Wednesday where you get one free drink when you buy a drink. We would definitely go by a Wednesday and check this out as 1522 has what you would love from a Bangalore pub – Rock music, Ambience and Great Khaana. 


What we had: 

French Chicken 

Crispy Coriander Chicken 

American Chopsuey 

Planters Punch 

Mandarin Mojito