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3 Signs Your Meat Is Dying On You Even In The Deep Fridge


For non-vegetarians, meat makes up for a major part of their diet, grocery list, and fridge contents. Whether you like fish, shellfish, poultry, or red meat, there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to scoffing down meat, especially during the humid monsoon months. The air is moist and if you know your meat, you’d know that unless it’s been kept in proper storage, it’s ought to get spoilt. And no one likes bad meat on the table, so here are 3 signs to check whether your favorite non-veg is good to cook or not.


  1. Smell

The easiest and quickest way to tell whether meat is edible or not is by smelling it. An unpleasant exercise but a necessary one, to say the last. Just remember that, if fresh and edible, red meat shouldn’t smell rancid or sharply pungent, poultry shouldn’t smell sour, and fish should absolutely not smell fishy (not kidding, fresh fish does not bear an unpleasant fishy smell at all).

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  1. Color

If you’d rather spare your olfactory organs, here’s another simple way of telling bad meat apart – its color. If your red meat is turning greenish-brown or is sporting an unusual shine, toss it out. Poultry eaters, if your raw meat is losing its pink hue and is instead looking grey or discolored, toss it out. Fish lovers, should you spot fish meat that is graying or is bluish with an unpleasant thick liquid oozing from it, you know the drill. Toss. It. Out.

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  1. Texture

No sour smell or visible discoloration? Here’s a final test for your meat – check the texture. In the case of red meat, if it has gone bad, it will sticky to touch due to an icky slimy coating on the surface. Meanwhile, spoiled chicken will also have a thick coating along with being slimy and sticky. Though seafood does not have a distinct texture, you can always tell good apart from bad by the sheen. Dry seafood is usually a no-go.

Yes, it’s a task keeping up with the freshness of store-bought meat. And unless you decide to start a farm in your backyard, you’ve got to go through the drill. But what if we told you that buying and storing your meat this monsoon is going to get a lot easier? Enter Zappfresh, an online portal that lets you order in the freshest, top-notch, and supremely hygienic meat right in the comfort of your home!


What’s Zappfresh?

Zappfresh helps you pick your choice of antibiotics and preservatives-free meat – chicken, mutton, seafood, cold cuts, halal meat – online so that all you have to do is cook the meat and relish it while not having to worry about the freshness and quality.

But how can we be so sure of the quality? Well, for starters, Zappfresh teams up with the farmers that raise the animal in safe conditions and keep it chemical free and organic. The team also maintains the cold chain system that protects the nutritional value of the meat and makes it completely fresh, healthy and safe to eat. So, Delhi, this monsoon dump all your meat-related worries and simply binge on with Zappfresh!

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