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30 Food Pillows That Deserve A Slow Clap


We love food; we love pillows so falling in love with food shaped pillows is inevitable. But these cute cuddly cushions are the next level of pillow art. With intricate details, adorable expressions and vibrant colors, they are both drool and sleep inducing. Have a look at these 30 pieces of cushiony food – because feasting on one is too mainstream, we must nap on it.


Watermelon Slice

Now you can enjoy a nice slice round the year – even in winters!watermelon_slice_pillow



Excuse us will we lick this pillow.original (1)


Peas In A Pod

Such happy peas! *wipes tear*enhanced-31411-1436546973-1


The Perfect Pea

The princess would have loved to have this pea on the mattress!enhanced-31221-1436544828-1



This happy sushi roll will make sure you have a bright morning!enhanced-28358-1436550725-1


Gummy Bear

Can we just ‘aww’ this out?enhanced-28129-1436545981-1


Fortune Cookie

This cookie predicts that we have many snuggly naps ahead.enhanced-27773-1436555147-3


Meat Loaf

The only time PETA didn’t freak out over meat.enhanced-27516-1436550617-1


Cheese Sandwich

Well you need something to go with that meat loaf!enhanced-26397-1436545633-2


Bread Slice

Where do you think the bread in that sandwich came from?enhanced-2769-1436555228-14



Hey I have this cushion’s picture on the back of my phone!enhanced-25415-1436544967-1


Chinese Takeaway

Look at those beautifully tangled up flat noodles, and those chopsticks and that smiling box! I want one!enhanced-25192-1436551229-1



Ah! The green fuzzy kiwi strikes again.enhanced-24726-1436545862-1


Pop Tart

This squishy little pop tart cushion is every kid’s dream come true.enhanced-24004-1436545509-1



Those buck teeth! Wait, is the tiny one drooling? Holy mother of detailing!enhanced-23256-1436551341-6



Smothered with some gooey yellow cheese and rouge of course!enhanced-20097-1436550947-11



In a parallel universe, a mammoth banana cushion needs a hand for scale.enhanced-19910-1436545122-2



Can we have a cheese slice cushion please?enhanced-19832-1436545364-1



The only legs that give models a run for their money!enhanced-19802-1436545215-1


Ice Cream

You don’t simply call it an ice cream cushion. It’s a triple scoop ice cream cushion!enhanced-19430-1436554776-3



This is the sweetest a pickle can get.enhanced-17366-1436547426-1



Cupcake shaped cushions. Need we say more?enhanced-17244-1436548278-3



Just look at that perfect mauve and those crisp stuffed leaves.enhanced-13348-1436546646-2


Ice Cream Cake

Ok, this is it. If I have this cushion, I’m never getting out of bed again.enhanced-7950-1436546845-9



A fluffed up marshmallow with a rich brown chocolate hat. Because, details.enhanced-7695-1436545070-1



Faith in cushion manufacturing restored!enhanced-6237-1436555360-6


Fried Egg

A snuggly fried egg cushion to ensure a ‘sunny side up’ day.enhanced-5081-1436545752-5



Challah is a twisted and knotted festive bread. Bang on cushion society!enhanced-4989-1436547977-1



Keep calm and hug this popsicle.enhanced-4645-1436554862-1



And of course, this burger cushion for every time you want some junk sleep.9d06ee234688e61330be24bc64c725ac




Binge eater by day and binge watcher by night, Ankita is fluent in food, film, and Internet. When she’s not obsessing over the hottest trends, tacos, and the perfect author’s bio, you can find her under a pile of Jeffery Archer’s novels or looking for the nearest wine shop.