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30 Places in Chennai to take Dad for Father’s Day


Oh so Dad-tastic!

For the dad who held your hand when you said there was something under the bed, who helped you carry your project to school, who got the first dent in your car fixed, who took you to your first interview at college, who came to leave you at your first job, who stayed up all night planning your wedding, who waited eagerly outside the delivery room, who took his grandchild on his first trip to the zoo- always smiling and hopeful to do it all again, if he could. Treat him to a meal he’ll never forget or laugh about till the end of time. 

These places in Chennai serve up some of the best food and have dad-approved ambience too. Spoil dad a little, after all, he did spoil you! 

Raku Raku

For the sushi loving father, this place at the Radission has quite the show going on. Take a seat in front of their live counter, the chef will ‘wow’ you. 

Where: Radisson Blu, Egmore

What: Tempura, Yaki tori, Beef Steak 

Budget for two: Rs 2500 

Basil with a Twist

A Twist in the Taste.

Show dad some Euro love- Basil, with its friendly staff, quick service and exquisite food will have dad patting you on the back. 

Where: Habibullah Road

What: Pesto Tempura Broccoli with Creamy Spinach, Chicken Saltimbocca, Dubrovnik Grilled Fish

Budget for two: Rs 1500 

Spice Haat

A little bit of this and a little bit of that- with over 50 things to choose from, dad will be ecstatic. 

Where: Hyatt Regency

What: Sunday Buffet 

Budget for two: Rs 4000


And to add to the festivities, Teppan has a Live Seafood Festival going on- if dad’s a seafood buff, you know where you should be taking him. 

Where: TTK road

What: Ebi Tempura, Soy Vinegar Parai, Cream Butter Garlic Parai

Budget for two: Rs 2000


If dad enjoys his Italian food with some fine wine, this is where you should be taking him. 

Where: The Park 

What: Wood fired Pizzas, Smoked Salmon with Wild Rice, American Burger 

Budget for two: Rs 3500



Nowhere like home? We get you, dad. 

Where: The Savera Hotel 

What: Vazhapoo vada, Veg or Non Veg Thali 

Budget for two: Rs 1600

Crisp Cafe


 A cute ambience with the most adorable cake shakes in the world, dad will fall in love with this one.

Where: Sterling Road

What: Lemon Crusted Chicken, Lasagna, Curry Leaves French Fries

Budget for two: Rs 1200

Brick house Bistro


Where: Anna Nagar 

What: The Ultimate BHB Burger, White sauce pasta, Cheesy Gooey Fries 

Budget for two: Rs 600

BR Mathsya

Good, old Mathsya, with their huge vegetarian buffet will get those conversations going.

Where: T Nagar 

What: Dinner Buffet

Budget for two: Rs 700

Manhattan Fish Market

Seafood gets dad’s taste buds ticking? We know just the thing. Be a darling and get him a Mud Pie too.

Where: Cathedral Road 

What: Garlic herb Mussels, Grilled Glory Dory, Grilled Salmon with Black Pepper sauce 

Budget for two: Rs 1200

The Great Kebab Factory

A buffet that will have you rolling out- PS. You might just give main course a miss after the starters. 

Where: Radisson Blu Egmore, Radisson GST Road 

What: Set Menu 

Budget for two: Rs 1500

Pantry D’or

Nice little cafe that will have you catching up over great drinks and food in style. 

Where: Anna Nagar 

What: Turkish Lamb Pide, Piedmont 

Budget for two: Rs 750

Mainland China Asian Grill

Mainland China Asian Grill has amazing ambience with top-notch service. Dad ain’t got time for a long lunch, this one’s for you. 

Where: Spring Hotel 

What: Chicken Dumplings, Diced Chicken with Assorted Pepper, Sea Bass with Chilli Pepper Sauce 

Budget for two: Rs 1200

Ente Keralam


Dad’s fond of raving about Kerala food? This one’s a sure winner. 

Where: Poes Garden 

What: Moplah Chicken Biriyani, Chicken Roast, Pathiri  

Budget for two: Rs 800

Up North


Dad will be star-struck when he leaves this North Indian rooftop fiesta. 

Where: The Raintree, Anna Salai 

What: Batti ka Murgh Tangdi, Machchi Tikka, Murgh Puran Singh 

Budget for two: Rs 2500


A lunch on the Mediterranean with lovely music and friendly staff.  

Where: GRT Grand, T Nagar 

What: Baklava, Risotto

Budget for two: Rs 2500


If you can’t convince dad to leave his roots, take him to this one. 

Where: Nungambakkam 

What: Crab meat masala, Kari Dosa 

Budget for two: Rs 800

Chap Chay 

Asian food at its stir fried best- just the way he likes it.

Where: The Raintree, Alwarpet

What: Make your own stir fry 

Budget for two: Rs 2000


Exquisitely Thai, dad will love these flavours. 

Where: TTK road 

What: Padanus Chicken, Chicken Satay, Baby corn Tartlets

Budget for two: Rs 2000

Cuckoo Club Diner 

You've got to be Cuckoo!

The no-fuss diner with lip-smacking food that will have you slurping on some milkshake and digging into some fried chicken, face first. 

Where: Harrington road

What: Grilled Chicken, Nutella Milkshake, American Fried Rice 

Budget for two: Rs 900

Madras Wok

Great ambience and efficient service- maybe you and dad could take a walk around the beautiful garden after the meal?

Where: ECR

What: Cashew Chicken, Cheese Wontons, Curry Laksa 

Budget for two: Rs 900

Salt Restaurant 

North Indian food at its best- maybe you could buy him that last minute shirt too, at the mall?

Where: Forum Vijaya Mall

What: Galouti Kebab, Filter Coffee Brulee 

Budget for two: Rs 1200


Amazing ambience- it’s time to take that dad-and-me-selfie. 

Where: Nungambakkam 

What: Penne Alfredo, Chicken Teriyaki 

Budget for two: Rs 1000

Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory 

Dad’s craving something chocolate? You know the rest. 

Where: Ganapathy Colony

What: Braised pork with Pineapple, Big Philly Cheesecake, Nutella Bar 

Budget for two: Rs 1200

Jonah’s Bistro

All in one good package- we hear the monster burger is a must-meet too, if you can finish it. 

Where: Besant Nagar 

What: Spaghetti marinara, Signature steak

Budget for two: Rs 1300

That Madras Place

That Madras Place, Adyar Menu

This might just make dad pack up and take you to Italy. Ps. He’ll love the very-Chennai wall art.

Where: Adyar 

What: Chicken Schnitzel, shrimp popcorn, chicken lasagna 

Budget for two: Rs 1000

China XO

Bring out the big guns, floor dad.

Where: The Leela Palace

What: Crab Cakes, Prawn Dim Sums 

Budget for two: Rs 4000

Bombay Brasserie

North Indian food that’s worth jumping up and dancing for. 

Where: Nungambakkam 

What: Galouti Kebab, Paneer Lifafa, paper CHocolate Pudding

Budget for two: Rs 1900

New Yorker

Lip-smacking vegetarian food for good times, good times with Pops.

Where: KNK

What: Vegetable Fondue Platter, Cheese Nachos, Mocktails 

Budget for two: Rs900 


A huge North Indian buffet, dad will really love the variety!

Where: Nungambakkam

What: Shami Kebab, Tandoori Chicken, Biriyani 

Budget for two: Rs 1400

We thank all our fellow Zomatoers and friends for these lovely shots; and stock, of course. Feel like we’ve left out something? Add it in the comments below.