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36 Chocolate Somethings’ in Chennai for the Ultimate Chocolate Crawl


Tall, dark and handsome shakes, fudgy brownies, sizzling hot fudge sauce and the thickest shakes you can dream of. 

We just had to. We had to go out there find the best chocolate in the city and put it on an extra-long list, layer it with mouth watering images and make you go gaga for chocolate as you’re sitting at your non-chocolate-involving job. 

These are in no particular order- we can’t judge chocolate- so sue us. 

1.Dark Chocolate Shake Brick House Bistro 

This thick shake lover is convinced. Maybe you could have this one with a cold coffee and a cheesy gooey fries on the side? Find our feature here

2.Divine Hot Chocolate Double Roti 

Served in an inviting big mug, this chocolate is laced with cinnamon and-oh my. 

3.Nutella Shake Cuckoo Club Diner 


Nutella lovers, you can’t, won’t and shan’t be disappointed. Cuckoo will take you home. 

4.Chocolate Pot Blacksmith Grills 


So much chocolate in one tiny pot. It’s almost vulgar. Find our feature on the food here

5.Brookie at Crisp Cafe 

What happened when Brownie met the ultimate Cookie of his life? You get the drift. 

6.Chocoholick’s  Chocoholic Sundae at Chocoholicks 


Warm brownie chunks drizzled with milk chocolate and served with chocolate and vanilla ice cream to make your heart swoon. 

7.Brownie Shocker at Sandy’s 

You might have to fight every urge you have to dunk your face in this one. Maybe, just maybe, a Nutella bar could join your party? We definitely recommend something that’s not so tiny on their menu. 

8.Under baked cake at Amadora 

underbaked If you’re high on their ice creams, this one will take you home. It’s usually on the Day’s Special, so call in before you go there. 

9.Belgian Iced Chocolate at Hola 

Just pure chocolate bliss. Move on, everything else chocolate. 

10.Chocolate Malted Turtle at TGI Fridays 

IMG_5265LR They serve this one in a goblet. Yes, a goblet of chocolate brownie, fudge sauce and ice cream. 

11.Chocolate Dream Cake at Krispy Kreme 

Dreams do come true. Take a box of twelve of just this one. 

12.Manhattan Mud Pie, Manhattan Fish Market 

photo_2015-06-09_15-38-35 Forget the world and step into this one. Yes, you with the crazy, MFM-less life. 

13.Death by Chocolate Dunkin Donuts



They have an Alive by chocolate too. Just saying. 

14.Chocolate Cake at The Cake Shop, The Leela Palace 

This cake is on every Royal’s list. 

15.Devil’s Food Cake, 601, The Park 

And you can stop off here, the devil will be pleased. 

16.Mousse Chocolate, Basil with a Twist 

Almond mousse chocolate– our weekend plans have been made. 

17.Nutella Cheesecake, That Madras Place 

Nutella and cheese decided to date. They hit it off pretty darn well. 

18.Chocolate Chocolate Sundae, The Chocolate Room



When someone puts two chocolates on the menu, you’ve got to understand the seriousness. 

19.Chocolate Mud Jar by The Table 

The Table has lovely little jars of delicate desserts sitting at Double Roti and That Madras Place. You might want to pack some up for later. 

20.Triple Chocolate Cake, Lloyd’s Tea House 

Forget the teas, dig deep into the softness that is the Triple Chocolate. 

21.Theobroma, Fresh Baked Goodness 

Best thing to happen to the world of chocolate. 

22.Paper Baked Chocolate Pudding, Bombay Brasserie 

Gooey chocolate wrapped in paper and baked, served with hot fudge sauce and ice cream. We’ll take four of those to go. 

23.Cravy’s Bed of Brownies, Craveyard Cafe 

When they said ‘bed’, they meant it with all their hearts. 

24.Mississippi Mud Pie, Azzuri Bay

 Forget your date, forget the ambience and heck, you might forget the bill, but fall into the Mud Pie. 

25.Death by Chocolate, Tangerine 

You know when your dessert arrives looking like this that you would kill anyone who tries to touch it. 

26.Nutella Crepes, Spoonbill 

A certain can of something supposedly gives you wings. It doesn’t, this does. Knock yourself out. 

27.Chocolate Flan, Tryst Cafe 

‘Flan for three’- we agree, Ross Geller. 

28.Chocolate Cake, Hard Rock Cafe 

They gave it this name so that you could still pronounce it when you’re in their food coma. 

29.Choco Cake, Nando’s

Nando’s put aside their Peri Peri for five seconds to make this dream. 

30.Brownie Tornado, D Cafe 

Tornado? We’re listening. What did you have for lunch? Three Tornadoes. 

31.Dream Team, Waf O’ Bel


A dream is a wish your heart makes, while you’re fast asleep. (Your heart sits near your stomach)

32.Warm Chocolate Bombe, Spaghetti Kitchen 

Meet the Bombe, you might have to be carried out. 

33.Chocolate Brownie, California Pizza Kitchen 

Again, simple yet so grand. Moist on a whole new level. Maybe you forget the pizza and eat a Tiramisu with this one. 

34.Chocolate Macarons, Cake Walk 

Cake Walk

Macarons that are lighter than air. We’re on our way there with a sack to carry out. 

35. Brownie with Hot Chocolate Sauce, Mainland China 

Sizzling brownie is such a spectacle. Every table in the room is looking at you. You may wait till the heat goes down and then slowly put your face in it. 

36. Chocolate Delice, Una Mas 

Step one, eat burrito bowl. Step two Chocolate Delice. Step into heaven. 

We love you.  You’re welcome. 

Feel free to add to our list in the comments below. 

Photo credits to some Zomatoers, our own staff and some stock.