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A 3D Printing Vending Machine Aims to Customize Your Food


It’s as good as making your own food!

Finnish VTT Technical Research Centre is investing in the development of high-tech vending machines that will 3D print your food. VTT hopes that it can develop products customers can use to create their own unique treats.

Researchers in Finland are hard at work on figuring how to improve snack foods with 3D printing, reported Science Daily, with “the long-term vision of developing high-tech vending machines that provide customized purchases.”

Before you get very excited, the Finnish tech researchers are specifically aiming to produce health snacks and because the technology is still a ways off they’ve also got to design machinery capable of producing this stuff on an industrial scale.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of 3D printing food. There was a $2,000 3D food printer that produced a pizza, which uses original and fresh ingredients, but makes it easier for people to get their dishes right without all the complicated hard work that goes into it.

Last year, Print2Taste was launched in Germany where the 3D printer could make boats out of marzipan. Not that everyone is sitting around waiting to eat marzipan boats, but it was still quite a treat to watch. And earlier last year, Lenovo unveiled a 3D printer at a conference in Beijing that could print food and even chocolate.