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10 Diet & Workout Tips From Baaghi Actor Shraddha Kapoor’s Regime


Shraddha Kapoor has been giving us more and more reasons to fall in love with her with every passing movie. Getting bubblier and more charming role after role. But breaking away from that cliché, the actor has gone ahead to give us all a shocker with her rebellious avatar in her upcoming release Baaghi. Cast opposite the ever-sculpted Tiger Shroff, Shraddha leaves a lasting impression with those nifty moves we see in the trailer. Have a look!

See what I meant? It’s evident that the actress has put in hours, days and months of hard work to get the action right. And here are some quick snippets from her diet and workout regime to pump you up as well.



  1. The Aashiqui 2 lady prefers having her evening meal before 6 or 7 in the evening. She also takes breakfast as soon as she wakes up. She believes that not skipping meals and sticking to a schedule plays a vital role in keeping the body fit.
  1. Kapoor maintains a safe distance from junk food, processed food and all foods rich in oil and fat.
  1. Water is something the actor carries by her side at all times and consumes plenty of. She believes that keeping the body well hydrated helps in digestion and keeps the skin glowing.
  1. Foods rich in fiber are a vital part of her diet as they too support good digestion. Also, to keep her protein intake steady and healthy, Shraddha adds vegan food items to her diet.
  1. Her staple meals include an egg white omelet or scrambles along with poha and upma for breakfast. Lunch is a simple dal, chapattis with green veggies. For dinner the actor eats dal and grilled fish or curry fish with whole wheat bread or brown rice. Additionally, she also snacks every two hours to keep up her metabolism.shr_food

Image: India Forums



  1. Shraddha has been a sport-lover since a young age and enjoyed her share of basketball and volleyball as a teenager.
  1. She also loved – and still does like – a good run and zips for a few miles whenever she finds the time.
  1. As was evident from her dance-centric flick ABCD 2, the actress possesses some excellent dance and ballet skills, which she also channelizes into keeping her body fit and thinks it’s the fastest way to shed weight.
  1. The beauty likes her sleep and we’d dare not question it. Kapoor likes a good 8-hour slumber and believes that it keeps you fresh the next day.
  1. The Ek Villain lead hits the gym 4-5 times a week and her regular routine includes cardio, interval training and strength training. Shraddha advices that not skipping gym and sticking to a regular schedule gives the best results.tiger_shraddha

Image: Box Office Bull


Ok, I’ll also wait till fame hits me before I hit the gym. *Grabs chocolate bar*


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