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5 Food Combinations For Higher Health Benefits


Let’s say you’ve figured it all out, how much iron, calcium and other nutrients you need in a day. But what’s the point if they’re not even properly absorbed in the body? Here are a few changes you can make in your food combinations and reap the maximum health benefits from the food you eat.

Iron and Vitamin C

Consuming iron is essential for our body but our stomach’s pH makes it hard to absorb the iron that we get from vegetable. What we need is something acidic so that iron becomes more absorbable. This acidity comes from food enriched with Vitamin C.

A mere 100 grams of Vitamin C in your dish can boost the iron absorption by four times. So try adding some strawberries in your spinach salad or adding red peppers along with black beans.4

Carotids and Fat

Carotids found in vegetables are quite beneficial and help in fighting diseases. But how do these get absorbed? You’ll need some fat along with your diet to do that. Add three eggs to your vegetables and you’re all set. You can also drizzle some oil on your green leafy salads to help your body absorb carotids from the raw vegetables.

Turmeric and Black Pepper

Or rather we should say that we need the piperine found in black pepper to absorb curcumin present in turmeric. Why is the latter so important? This pigment present in turmeric can prevent and even cure many diseases like Neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, autoimmune and malignant diseases. All you need to do is add a mere 20 grams of piperine to two grams of curcumin.

Vitamin A and Zinc

Our body needs zinc to transport the Vitamin A that you get from food in the blood. In fact the people who have low levels of zinc don’t produce as much Vitamin A from the liver causing the deficiency. So start pairing these both nutrients together starting with the classic combination of sweet potatoes and spinach.

Counter Heterocyclic Amines With Rosemary

There are animal studies that show the heterocyclic amines can cause certain types of cancer. This study does not find any links of these to humans though, better safe than sorry right? So meat cooked at high temperatures forms these amines and to counter them simply add the magical herb rosemary to it before cooking. This herb reduces these cancer-causing amines by a whopping 50-90%

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