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5 Minion themed food shots that are simply “Ooh. Papaya.”


Minions. Many of them.

As we sit here and eagerly await the ‘Minions’ movie, we might as well eat some minion food. 

Minions have won our hearts. They’re cute, cuddly and pure genius. Some of ‘us’ here, even want one to keep at home. The real thing. But oh, well. At least we’ll make some. Before which, 

1. Minion-sicles

Now we’ re talking. Mmm.hmm.

2. Purple Minion candy with crazy hair!

 All ever wanted. Mom and dad?

3. Minion-smore Cupcakes

Look at that yellow and tell me you don’t want another party?

4. Minion cuppy-cakes.

 The cuppy-cake song was meant for these adorable ones.

5. Minion-static cake

And finally, we have the birthday cake to give other cakes a complex: The Minion Cake.

They’re so adorable we needed another. 

And another. 

Okay, we’re done.