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5 Quick hacks that will expel Sugar from your Diet


It is not the closet monster but the carbohydrate monster that you should be fretting about. There is only so much you can do to shed those calories and exercising is the worst. These hacks will give a good insight on how you can survive the year even without all that sugar.

1.Grab your magnifying glass and READ 

A lot of the products you buy have loads of sugar hiding in them. The surest way of cutting out sugar from your diet is to know the source of your sugar intake. Read the nutrition statistics displayed on every container like you’re reading it for your final exam. Also, watch out for sugar aliases that are getting away with their crimes incognito. In many cases, sugar will be displayed in its many guises – fructose, maltose, molasses, and dextrose and so on.

2. Pff, I can do this 

Pff – Protein, fat, and fiber; that’s the way to remember it. When looking out for dinner ideas, always think ‘protein’. Shift from your sugar concentrated foods to protein dominant ones like almonds and eggs.

3. Chop-Chop!


There is no easy way to say this, folks. You will have to cut down your sugar consumption, and by a large measure. There’s no need to be dramatic and vow to throw out sugar all at one go. The process has to be gradual, the trick is to slowly let your body free from the bondage of lip-smacking sugar food and into the loving embrace of unsweetened food. If you find products with the label ‘Unsweetened food’, then half your job is done. However, the most sensible way is to mix the unsweetened food with the sweetened food and steadily increase the proportion of unsweetened food till your tongue has been fooled to like it.

4. Did you say no to ice cream? What sort of trash talk is that?

Desserts are a delight on the taste buds but there ends their credibility. If possible, desserts should be a big ‘NO’ in your diet. However, since that sounds highly implausible, you can look for healthier recipes on the internet that substitute sugar with healthier alternatives to give that sweet tinge. There will be no compromise on taste and those calorie counts will find themselves getting sliced cruelly. Problem solved.

5. Don’t stop that sweet smile just yet! 

Yes, sugar gives an undeniable, addictive taste to food. And loss of sugar tends to lead to loss of faith in food. But sugar isn’t the only champion out there, many ingredients are available that can compensate the loss of sugar with their characteristic flavor. There are cinnamon, vanilla beans, cardamom, and rose essence and so on. There is an army of flavor out there, use it.