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5 Super Easy Food Fixes That Only Require 2 Ingredients!


Have you always wanted to make something real quick when you’re feeling hungry but never had enough time to do it? Have you ever wanted dessert so bad but were too lazy to get to kitchen to make it? Or is the kitchen just not the place you want to be in on a hot day? What we have here is an answer to all your problems – 2 ingredient recipes! (Less lazy, more fancy? Look around our site for more recipes!)

Recipes that will only need 2 ingredients and a little bit of your time! Although they’re very simple to make, they’re great for dinner parties too if you need to whisk something at the last minute. We’ve got 5 amazing food fixes that will blow your mind! Check it out:

1. Oreos + White Chocolate Chips = Cookies and Cream Bar
2. Nutella + Eggs = Flourless Nutella Cake
3. Melted Chocolate + Cream Cheese = Chocolate Truffles
4. Peanut Butter + Ripe Bananas = Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream
5. Dates + Oats = Energy Bars

Nutella lovers will enjoy a dense and gooey Nutella cake, while cookies and cream lovers will enjoy a sweet bar made with white chocolate! Chocolate truffles can make a great dessert for parties or gifting. The peanut butter and banana ice cream is everything you need for a hot, sunny day, while energy bars are ideal for a quick breakfast or snack. So, why don’t you give these a try and tell us how you liked them. We’d love to hear from you!