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5 Things Sweet and Gluten Free You Could be Making


There are several theories about gluten free diets. Our favourite one is that you don’t need to cut out the fun, just the gluten. When it’s a health problem and staying away from gluten can actually help you, who says you can’t have cake? 

In today’s world, with our readily available ingredients, cooking for selective diets is no longer a hassle. 

Try these cakes, cupcakes and cheesecakes that could change the way you look (or don’t look) at gluten. 

1. Vanilla Cheesecake 

Cheese, wearing its best suit.

Creamy cheesecake for the family. They’ll love this one.

2. Raspberry Cupcakes 

I heart you just for this.

The instructions are long, but trust me, the recipe is de-lish and it turns out great every time!

3. Pumpkin Pie 

Pump up the health!

Grain free, Gluten free, paleo and pumpkin goodness- I feel good already.

4. Muesli Breakfast Pancakes 

For the love of Health

Wake up to lovely, fluffy, healthy pancakes that will just take your breath away.

5. Fudgey Flour-less Brownies

Fudge-in Awseome.

The easiest brownies you will ever whip up – well unless you’re using a mix. But the fudgy-ness. Oh god, the fudge.