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7 things to eat and drink when you have a cold


We’re staunch supporters of the “Feed a cold” movement

While you’re probably thinking this article is a waste of time, “I can barely blink without sneezing” and food doesn’t sound happy to me just now; we’re here to tell you to think again. Sufficient research shows that a cold, in fact, has to be fed. And fed with the right things in that! These foods will helo boost your immunity and help your body build an army to fight the cold that’s already in there. Tissue?

1. Ginger 


Any form of ginger will take care of that annoying nausea and stomach-related problems. Your medication, if you’re taking any, is probably messing with your stomach too. So give your stomach a chill-pill and pour yourself out some ginger tea. 

2. Broth-based soup


Soup; a bit cliche, we know. But soup is what will build your strength. Broth may help the body kick a cold by stopping congestion and inflammation in their tracks. Try some of our super-easy soups maybe?

3. Hot tea


Any hot beverage for that matter, but tea works wonders. Some green tea which is rich in infection-fighting antioxidants and supports the immune system will have you feeling happier. Get a pot going, will you? 

4.Citrus Fruitscitrus-salad-ftr

While citrus might seem like a far-fetched cure, it does help boost the immune system. So limes, oranges and maybe some grapefruit

5. Spicy Foods


While spicy foods sound like a big no- no, they are, in fact, effective natural decongestants. They will clear that sinus straight away. Steer clear if your experiencing stomach upsets to begin with.

6. Toast or crackers


Plain toast or unsalted crackers will settle the stomach and increase the appetite. 

7. Bananas


Rich in potassium, bananas will replenish the body with the things it’s missing out on.