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6 foods in your Everyday Diet that are Saltier than you think


“Behind the tastes”

In that sauce you had with your turkey sandwich, in the popcorn at the movie last night or the chips you’re snacking on right now; hides a tiny “white” lie that could make or break you. Salt: The wonder that makes us taste what we taste in most dishes but the silent killer that could lead to a range of health problems. We just don’t realise how much sodium actually sits around in our diets. So go through this list and the next time you’re at the store, flip that bottle or pack and check the sodium levels. 

1. Sauces


Sauces of every genre are swimming in salt. It’s what preserves them but it’s also what could be horrible for you on the long run. 

2. Cereal


Cereal or serial- this killer is one that’s hard to catch in the act. Flip your cereal box and make sure there’s no sodium staring you in the face. 

3. Canned or Instant Soup


Drop that can! It ‘can’t’ keep you healthy. Instant soups, noodles, etc pack a great deal of sodium.

4. Baked Goods


Like my mother used to say, ‘baked’ doesn’t spell ‘healthy’ always. So before you grab that doughnut, make sure it’s not ‘baked’ in salt. 

5. Instant Hot Chocolate

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An instant way to end up you-know-where. So before you pick up a packet of ‘creamy’ hot chocolate at your office pantry, read the label.

6. Freezer Meals

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Frozen Lasagnas, veggies in sauce, etc are frozen with a great deal of sodium to keep them tasting the way the should. Before you pick one up for a week-night dinner, think again.