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Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong Took Cute To A Whole New Level


Disneyland Shanghai just opened it’s magical doors to make it the next happiest place on Earth. And obviously their food is just as happy and magical. If you visit the American parks, you can get your hands on Mickey Bars (chocolate ice cream bars shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head). 

But Disneyland Hong Kong has upped the game and with adorable Disney-themed dim sum.

Their restaurant Crystal Lotus has these adorable dishes on the menu including  stuffed steamed buns shaped like characters from popular Disney cartoons – Olaf from Frozen, the little green aliens from Toy Story, and Baymax from Big Hero 6.

This might just be our favourite decorative food and it looks far too good to eat. Maybe we need to add this to our bucket list instead!

Header images taken by @disneytravelswithmimi on Instagram