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7 Everyday Foods That Can Give You A Natural High


A lot of people do all sorts of things to go in a state of reverie or in other words, get a high. Now, most of the ‘drugs’ – in fact all – involved here are in no way something your body should be subjected to. But no one said anything about getting high naturally! Here are seven common foods that can get you bouncing around like a happy bunny.

DISCLAIMER: We do not encourage the consumption of drugs or these food items.


  1. Poppy Seed Bagels

Since the seeds come from the infamous opium poppy, it does not come as a shocker that they contain minute amounts of the opium alkaloids morphine and codeine, which give your bagel a nutty zing and can cause you to fly high. Of course, to get yourself flying high, you need to be The Rock so that scoffing down a hundred bagels isn’t an issue.22378_l


  1. Coffee

Surprise surprise! Basically, most of us cannot carry on with our daily routines unless stoned. Coffee is so predominant that everyone forgets it’s actually a drug. A Starbucks tall coffee (12 oz.) contains 260 mg of caffeine is the easiest way of going to work drugged, as caffeine intoxication kicks in at 250


  1. Nutmeg

Yep, the holiday spice. Nutmeg contains loads of myristicin, an organic compound. Downing four to eight teaspoons of ground nutmeg cause mild hallucinations, warmth in the limbs…5-6 hours later. Getting high on nutmeg also has many side effects so kindly refrain.20101202-nutmeg-500


  1. Mulberry

Eating massive amounts of raw mulberries are known to result in moderate hallucinations and unstoppable pooping and vomiting (mulberries are known potent laxatives). Raw Mulberry syrup, anyone?mulberries


  1. Sea Bream

Indigenous to the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean, the fish’s head can accumulate psychoactive chemicals that can cause an almost 48-hour long trip. The hallucinogenic powers come from a compound called indole, which is present in the plankton and algae the fish eats. So if there isn’t enough indole, you’re just stuffing yourself with fish head.SeaBream


  1. Rye Bread

Rye grain is sometimes infected with the ergot fungus, which contains several psychoactive chemicals such as ergotamine, a compound used in the synthesis of LSD. So don’t be surprised if someday you see a unicorn sharing your rye bread sandwich.feature image food high


  1. Stilton Cheese

Other than fat, the cheese can get you a happy trip once you’ve passed out or are sleeping. In 2005, a British Cheese Board study discovered that ingesting 20 grams of Stilton cheese could lead to madcap, nonsensical visions. The participants reported seeing odd images such as vegetarian crocodiles and sentient toys.Stilton-blue-cheese-007

Binge eater by day and binge watcher by night, Ankita is fluent in food, film, and Internet. When she’s not obsessing over the hottest trends, tacos, and the perfect author’s bio, you can find her under a pile of Jeffery Archer’s novels or looking for the nearest wine shop.