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7 Food Centered Festivals In India!


Festivals make our lives better. We get to laze around the whole day, we get to meet people (or stay indoors in your man cave devoid of human interaction, whatever floats your boat!) but the most important thing of all is the amount of food we get to pig out on. And there’s no doubt that during every Indian festival there’s a huge spread at the table and everyone gathers to sit down for a massive feast. We’ve all starved during the festive season to make enough room for the sudden influx of gorgeous dishes and that’s totally acceptable. Here are a list of festivals that are food-centered and we wish we had more of those in the calendar.


Gulab Jamun

Apart from the incessant bursting we also get to stuff ourselves with a lot of sweets and savories with our greasy hands. There is an endless list of items that are made and you latch on to the kitchen walls and ogle at the food with your tongue out until your mum comes and scraps you off with a frying spoon. This festival is incomplete without umpteen number of sweets like Gulab Jamun, Doodh Pak, Kheer, and then some.

Ganesh Chathurthi


This festival is celebrated because it is the beloved Lord Ganesh’s birthday. His pot-belly is a clear sign of what an avid eater he is and we follow his stubby footsteps on this day and fill ourselves to the brim with delicious food.



Dussehra is a festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Dussehra is celebrated for over ten days filled with a lot of merriment and not to forget lavish food and constant feasting!

Krishna Janmashtami

Uppu seedai1

Lord Krishna’s favourite food was butter; clarified or solid, he put his tiny life at risk to get his hands on some home-churned butter and we applaud his bravery and courage. Lord Krishna is clearly a foodie like all of us and on his birthday we fill vessels to the brim with buttery sweets and savories! From the jaw breaking murukku to the chewy dry fruits ladoo, they are all fried in a ton of ghee making us feel all the feelings.


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On this festival you are official granted to go loco about coconuts! You get to gorge on a platter of scrumptious food known as Sadhya. In a Sadhya 24-28 dishes served as a single course and by the end of it you’ll be too famished to see food again.

Navratri/Durga Pooja


You have plenty of mouth-watering dishes to savour during this festival. From the famous Mishti Doi to Keema Muttor, they are all drool worthy and will make you pregnant in an instant!



BIRIYANI. Muslims refrain from all sorts of food items to finally break their fast with a plate of aromatic and downright delicious Biriyani. We know how you’ve befriended many Muslims for the sole reason of attaining Biriyani. Maybe not but you know that’s partly true if not entirely.