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8 Foods for That Beautiful White Pearly Smile, Are You Ready to Say ‘Cheese’?


Soda, chocolates, acidic foods, oily chips, etc all cause our teeth to lose their colour over time. You may brush your teeth twice a day as your dentist recommends. But are you sure that’s enough? Of course it isn’t because if it wasn’t we’d not have cosmetic dentistry helping people get the right shade of white teeth! Do you really need those strips and gels to whiten your teeth when food can do it for you? Ah now you’re listening! That’s right these foods have the necessary nutrients and compounds for healthy, bright and white teeth. Read on to know how to get that beautiful white, pearly smile!

1. Broccoli

 woman eating broccoli floret with fork

Broccoli when chewed creates a lot of saliva which helps wash away any remaining food debris that has settled between the teeth. It basically acts like a natural and chew-y mouth wash! If you are going to be able to get that gorgeous smile going why not have a little bit of this much disliked vegetable?

2. Ginger


Ginger is good for many reasons. It’s a soothing agent for cough when taken with a small amount of honey. And now it makes your teeth and gums stronger because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It negates the effects of inflammatory effects of certain foods on our teeth, gums and mouth tissue. A little ginger in your food should be enough!

3. Carrots


Go all out like Bugs Bunny and chew on raw carrots. The vitamin A in carrots help protect teeth enamel. It also creates saliva when you chew them just like broccoli does.

4. Salmon


Trust me, I know this sounds fishy but salmon is great for the health of your teeth and bones. Not only is salmon rich in vitamin D but it also is a good source of calcium both of which are a must for healthy bones and teeth.

5. Apples


I’m not sure if ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ holds true but it sure will keep the dentist happy with your healthy teeth! Rich in vitamin C and malic acid it will keep the stains at bay. Other fruits like apples are pears and strawberries.

6. Cauliflower


Remember carrots? Cauliflower is another substitute for the crunch creating veggies. Another natural mouth wash to wash away all those food debris and clean out our teeth.

7. Celery


Celery is the nail buffer for your teeth. Chewing celery sticks not only cleans out your mouth but it also gives your teeth that pearly finish that you desire.

8. Oranges


Oranges not orange juice! Drinking the orange juice will set you back if you want white teeth. But eating oranges and even chewing on the peel will help brighten your teeth.