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8 Recipes with Peaches for Peach-lovin-lunatics


“I hate peaches,” said no one ever. Come summer and you’d want to chill with some peach bellinis or some refreshing peach punch, having a gala time with your friends. Peaches are sunshine. No other fruit resonates summer like a peach! An absolute beauty, peaches are great when eaten as a fruit but they also go very well with savoury dishes and of course are great in desserts! Have you ever tried incorporating peaches in your everyday dishes? It’s absolutely amazing! That hint of peach brings sophistication and a certain roundness to the dish. It is great in meat based dishes and accentuates the flavour of the meat. Let’s go crazy with some peach recipes, shall we?

1. Peach Cobblers

Summer in the country are always fun! A warm day calls for some delicious peach cobbler. Watch the chef make this summer special.


2. Fresh Peach Buckle

It’s similar to a coffee cake but this recipe has fruit in it. It makes a good breakfast food or can be served as an excellent dessert! The juicy peaches perfectly compliment the warm cinnamon flavour.


3. Peach Lemonade

This is a refreshing recipe, perfect for summer! Make the most of the peach season with this recipe. We are sure the kids will love this!


4. Homemade Peach Crisp

Top it off with some vanilla ice cream and that’s heaven right there in your hands! So yum, so good! Kitchen queen Laura shows you how easy it is to make it.


5. Sweet Peach Iced Tea

A perfect summer drink to share with your girlfriends. This is a super easy recipe. Watch the video to know more.


6. Peach Butter

This is an insanely easy method to make peach butter. Slather it on some toast and your breakfast is ready or it tastes yum with buttered rotis too! A quick and easy fix for breakfast! Stay away from jam and peanut butter for some time now.


7. Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Peaches with Burrata & Basil

This makes for a great appetizer or a savoury dessert! The peach and cheese combination is a match made in heaven! It is easy to make burrata cheese at hoeme too. Try this once and this will be your new favourite dish forever!


8. Fried peach and Pancetta Pizza

If pizza is everything for you, try this and go crazy! The crispy pancetta and smoky grilled peaches add a texture and taste to the dish. It’s almost an adventure finding sweet peaches with the crispy-salty pancetta in every bite! Try it at your home now!