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8 Vegetable Carving Tricks You Can Learn Today


The purpose of fruit and vegetable carving is to make food more eye-catching, more enticing, and also easier to eat. The skilful homemaker welcomes her guests with fruit carefully trimmed, seeded, and perhaps cut into bite-size slices depending on the type. Decorating fresh and colourful fruits and vegetables through inventive carving is by no means difficult. All it takes is attentiveness. Starting off, there is no need for special carving knives; one sharp-pointed knife is enough to carve fruits and vegetables beautifully. The knife, however, must be sharp at all times, and so you should always have a small whetstone nearby.

Here are a few tips you must keep in mind before carving.

1. Before carving, fruits and vegetables must be washed and cleaned thoroughly.
2. Use knives with stainless steel blades. Knives with ordinary steel blades will cause staining of fruits and vegetables.
3. Do not carve excessively so as to avoid waste and loss of nutritional value.
4. The designs carved should be appropriate for decorating a plate of food. Floral patterns are suitable, while figures of animals such as rats are not.
5. Vegetables to be dipped into sauces should be cut to appropriate sizes.
6. Vegetables chosen for carving should be appropriate to the dish in which they are to be used, and they should be vegetables which are resistant to wilting, such as carrots and Chinese radishes.
7. Care must be exercised during carving so as to avoid bruising fruit and vegetables.

Check out these master carvers and get inspired!

1. Miho Mortia shows you how it’s done.


2. Exhibit some flower power!




3. This banana duck on wheels is the cutest thing ever!




4. Is it a flower? Is it an onion? We are confused!




5. Woo your guests with this garnish on the table.




6. This garnish will make your sushi plate look stunning!




7. Adorn your salad with little carrot leaves.




8. This video shows you how simple it is to carve out a rose from a carrot. Edible art much?