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8 Vegetables & Fruits That You Shouldn’t Fill Yourself With


Contrary to popular belief, if it’s fruits & vegetables doesn’t mean you get to have it all. Many dieticians would tell you to shift from burgers to apples if you want to loose weight. But it’s not that simple. Even plant-based food contains large quantities of sugar and starch. If you aren’t wise about it, you are going to end up feeling bloated and sluggish even though all your chowing down is ‘healthy’ and ‘fibrous’ vegetables.

The key to having a healthy diet and not feeling starved at the end of the day is to find nutritionally dense products and then regulating the quantity. That said, any plant-based food item is better than none at all. However, some work better than others and we have for you the list of fruits and vegetables that most nutritionists would advice against.



This is a shocker, we know. Broccoli is widely considered as the epitome of a healthy vegetable. And most moms can say that they have had more than one screaming match with their kids about Broccoli. But it may not be the best idea if you are looking to detox. An effect of Broccoli is excessive gas and bloating, which may end up in you being to lethargic to end up hitting the gym.



The much-loved meat alternative is not the healthiest choice after all. Mushrooms would be a better bet according to most dieticians. Eggplants soak up everything from seasoning to calories and should be avoided when you can.



Coconut has a high content of saturated fat and should be considered a threat to your diet.  Saturated fat leads to cholesterol-raising calories which you would want to eliminate.



They do provide the extra energy in your day, but if you are looking to lose the holiday tummy then skip the banana. Have a raspberry instead.



Skip this sugar-filled fruit if you are looking to detox.



If you are going to have potatoes not-fried and with skin, then Potatoes are great to get potassium and Vitamin C into your system. But we all love our potatoes salty and fried, and that is a definite no-no.

 Green Peas


This legume is best eaten in moderation because they have high calorie and carbohydrate content.



39 Grams of sugar = A bunch of grapes. Enough said.