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A sprinkle of sugar, a dash of spice and a whole lot of love


A cafe in Egmore serves love in little packages

That warm smell of freshly baked bread will have you feeling all cozy as you walk in- it’s like coming home from the chilly outdoors..

Plump little jars of homemade chilli paste and various jams sit happily on the counter. Freshly baked bagels come in looking hot from the oven. Christmas goodies give you their best Christmas smile from the shelves. Hot pies and puffs look at you eagerly. Signature egg sandwiches are standing there giggling in pairs. There’s drama in the air. 

Nicky’s is a cafe that’s opened near Ethiraj College in Egmore that will take you straight to Europe. They’ve got brick walls, abstract paintings and chalk boards with the specials- Yes, food and a show.


Their must trys’ are fruit tarts, baked yogurts and egg sandwiches. They’ve got the unusual Chinese steamed bun and the exotic red velvet with cream cheese frosting. They take orders for cakes and make the occasional Profiterole Tower too. For corporate, they offer sandwich platters for meetings or breakfast platters.


For Christmas they’re offering fruit mince pies, Italian Torrone, plum cake and Christmas wreath cakes.