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9 Momos You Can Momo To!


Momos. Delectable little dumplings also known as dim sums, that we just can’t get enough of, are something people all over the world love and adore and we are so grateful for this steamed wonder. The most popular Asian delicacy that everyone craves has made its way into our list of fantastic foods. In fact, we’ve been obsessing over it so much, we just had to find some fast and simple ways to stir up this delicate creation and binge on it all week. Check out some fabulous recipes we found for momos that will take you on a little Asian dumpling trip and back!


1. Dumpling Wrapper Recipe

So, before we get crazy over fillings and meats, let’s nail the wrappers with this simple recipe for dumpling wrappers. It doesn’t take too many ingredients and can be made well in advance too. So if you’re planning to have a dim sum party, this recipe for wrappers will be the one you turn to.


2. Traditional Potsticker Dumplings

Here’s a brilliant and traditional recipe for Chinese pork dumplings. Prepare to fall head over heels for these perfect little parcels of flavour. They’re potstickers so you can expect to enjoy a sticky bottom and some mind blowing flavour! This recipe is also super, super simple that you may want to make them everyday!


3. Korean Momos

Say hello to some amazing Korean dumplings. These lovely little momos can be served as a meal, a snack, an appetizer or a super fun party starter. And with this recipe, you can improvise or change your meat choices from chicken, beef, pork or shrimp, or even take it vegetarian if you like! These Korean dumplings are made with beef and pork and they are so much fun to make. What’s more is you can also make large batches and freeze them for later. Awesome, right?


4. Vegan Momos

For vegans, here’s a delicious recipe for shiitake portobello mushroom dumplings. These mushroom dumplings have a wonderful savoury flavour. Generally, shiitake mushrooms impart a rich, distinct flavour and the combination of those mushrooms with cabbage and carrots make these dumplings sweet to enjoy. You can make these dumplings when you’re in the mood for dim sums or just keep them in your freezer and heat them up anytime that you need a snack.


5. Curried Beef Dumplings

Dumplings don’t get any better than this. Especially when it’s curried beef. If you love beef, and curried beef more, this is a dumpling that you will absolutely enjoy! Make these as a party starter for your next dinner party and have your guests going crazy for it!


6. Pork & Prawn Dim Sums

This recipe promises you dim sums that turn out as good as those in the Chinese restaurants! Enjoy some succulent momos that are filled with the savoury flavour of pork and the sweetness of prawns! You can serve these momos with your favourite sauce, we recommend a sweet chilli sauce.


7. Authentic Chinese Dim Sums

This recipe shows you how to make authentic Chinese dim sums that taste like heaven. Pork and prawn fillings make this recipe a winner. Try this when you’re in the mood for some comfort food.


8. Prawn Momos
This recipe calls for some tiny prawns! Prawn momos are one of the most popular dim sum dishes and you too can make this delectable dish with this simple recipe. What’s more, this recipe shows you to work the wrapper as well for a beautiful finish!


9. Perfect Pork Dim Sum

Pork dim sums are the best. Although this recipe works well with just about any kind of meat, the pork preparation is hard to beat! Enjoy the soft and sweet flavour of these pork dumplings!

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