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9 Spooky Halloween Cocktails For The Perfect Theme Party


Who says Halloween is just for kids? If you’re throwing a fabulous Halloween party, complete with costumes, spooky decor and themed eats, here are some spooky cocktails to help your guests let loose!

Black Widow Shot

Black Widows are one the most popular drinks during Halloween. They’re generally made with a black vodka base and cranberry juice. These come in shot form, which will get you to that happy buzz faster!

Vodka Eyeball Jello Shots

These realistic, super creepy jello shots may make you feel a little queasy. Try one and all your doubts will dissolve!

Brain Haemorrhage Shot

Brain Haemorrhages are popular all through the year, but are perfect for the Halloween theme because of their slimy, creepy texture.

Dracula’s Curse Cocktail

Blackberry syrup, raspberry syrup, vodka and rum are combined to make a deliciously spooky potion like cocktail.

Witches Brew

Imagine that you’re one of the witches in Macbeth whilst brewing this beauty. Add some dry ice for that special smoke effect!

Spooky Screwdriver

Instead of using regular vodka to make a regular screwdriver, substitute black vodka to get an eerie concoction.

Red Devil

There’s nothing better suited to Halloween than a bright red cocktail that will find the devil in you!

Vampire Kiss Martini

Whipped vodka is mixed with strawberry sundae syrup to make one spooky glass of joy.

Candy Corn Infused Vodka

Start work on this a few days earlier and serve some spooky eyeballs on the side to up that eerie factor.