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7 Vodka myths you definitely didn’t know!


Landing a flame in the belly as it effortlessly runs down, the typically clear spirit, with its unbelievably modest smell and flavour differences, celebrates everything that’s pure. If you’re holding a glass of this amazing drink in your hand right now, admire its flavoursome-beauty for a couple of minutes before gulping it down in a flash.

We need to pay tribute to this exceptionally versatile spirit, made in the iced up terrains of Poland and Russia, and debunk 5 of the greatest myths encompassing this fancy drink.

1) Would you believe if we said that vodka is made from potatoes? Oh, you better! Vodka can be distilled from potatoes as it can be from a variety of other ingredients (So the next time someone yells at you for eating a lot of potato chips, you know what to do!). Most frequently, it is produced using corn or wheat, however French “Ciroc” is produced using grapes, and American “White Vodka” is produced using milk.

2) A lot of them keep their vodka in the cooler so it is as icy as it could potentially be, however this isn’t the most ideal approach to serve some flavourful vodka. Drinking it super cold will only numb the taste buds. Yes, so we recommend you down a shot of vodka at room temperature to be able to appreciate and admire the subtleties of the drink. If you feel one shot is not enough, go ahead with the second one.

3) “The best way to drink vodka is to knock it back,” they say. The Russians may support this methodology, nevertheless take after the lead of the Scandinavians and taste your vodka in case you are going to drink it perfect so that, as above, you can rightfully appreciate its taste.

4) There are two kinds of Vodka drinkers – the “swallowers” and the “tasters”. If you belong to the first category, you wouldn’t care what Vodka actually tastes like but rather just enjoy the way it “sensually” creeps down your throat. The second category is, like ‘duh’, self-explanatory. So this goes out to all the “swallowers” – vodka is tasteless, correct? Consequently all vodkas, at all price points, ought to taste the same. Sorry to burst your bubble but if you believed in that statement so far, it’s wide of the mark, folks. Much the same as whiskey, vodka is a result of its inception and what it was refined from. You will have the capacity to distinguish vodka refined in Eastern Europe as it will taste quite unpleasant to various palates; such conventional vodka types are unbelievably hearty and push forward their crude flavours. Vodkas delivered and advertised in the West and Australasia are gentler and more modest in their line of attack.

5) Our last one is one of the greatest myths of them all in the world of vodka. Vodka that is made from superior ingredients will be top notch vodka (and vice versa) and hence shouldn’t have to be refined more than three times. Actually, some premium vodkas are refined and distilled just once. Consider it this way, the more times you distil spirit, the purer it might get, but in the meantime, the greater amount of its flavour and character you lose. Now that you know all this, you can let out the barbarian in you and drink like there’s no tomorrow!

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