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A Drinking Woman’s Guide To Avoiding A Hangover


In the early 1900’s hardly any women drank liquor (best not to run the risk of seeming immoral). However, in the present-day, the drinking woman has become somewhat socially acceptable. Unfortunately, this change has come about rather recently which has left many of us without adequate information on the safe way to drink up. Hence, here is the drinking woman’s guide to keeping that feeling of death (aka a hangover) far away.

1. Never Drink On An Empty Stomach

If you’re planning on going for a night out with the girls, a casual drink after work, or a date make sure that you’ve eaten something to ensure that the alcohol doesn’t hit your bloodstream directly which can lead to you getting drunk faster and earning yourself a nasty hangover the next day.

2. Skip The Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks like sparkling wine and champagne may be marketed for women but they are absorbed more quickly than still ones because they are quite bland, but the alcohol content is just as high. So, you drink faster and get drunk faster, a sure-fire recipe for a hangover.

3. Ice Is Your Friend

Not only does ice dilute your drink and increase water content, but it also causes you drink slower which means you rehydrate as well as pace yourself #winwin.

4. Cocktails/Shooters Are Not Your Friend

Just because the SATC crew virtually only drank cocktails for 6 seasons (and two movies we try to forget) doesn’t mean you have to. Not only are cocktails usually chock-a-block full of sugar (which dehydrates you and gives you a nasty hangover the next day) but since the amount of alcohol used per drink varies from bartender to bartender it can be hard to keep track if you’re going over your limit.

5. Drink Lots Of Water

An abundance of alcohol can not only lead to a horrid hangover but it also can leave you looking like, well, shit. Make sure to rehydrate yourself between drinks in order to lose the puffy-face look the next morning.

6. Have Fun

Last, but not least, have fun, and remember: everything in moderation!

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