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A Waffle House Outlet Is Now Serving Beer


Many fast food chains have started incorporting booze into their menus (thank you Taco Bell). The latest fast food chain to offer up beer is Waffle House. However, like with most things in life, there is a bit of a catch, because this outlet is the only one to serve beer in the States.

The new Waffle House outlet will only be serving beer because of its location, more specifically, because it’s actually one of the concession options at Atlanta’s SunTrust Park baseball stadium. Oh, and, they don’t serve waffles. The World Famous Waffle House Hashbrowns Cart opened earlier this week serving a limited menu of food and beverages including two types of cold brews.

According to the official Waffle House Facebook page, it is “the 1st and only Waffle House location now serving beer,” and, as an answer to your obvious follow-up question, the social media account also states, “We have no plans to bring it to our [other] locations. It is sold here because it is in Suntrust Park.” Welp, we suppose you can kiss your beer and breakfast dreams goodbye.

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