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Have Your Very Own Beer Olympics This Summer


Beer games are not a new thing. They’ve been around for years and if you’ve ever watched any American party movie, then you’ve been introduced to the various kinds of games that involve alcohol. Most games are focused on beer, but there are also tons of party games that don’t use alcohol. However, the purpose of this article is to guide you in the world of great beer games that you can play this weekend with your friends. 

Then again, if you’ve never watched any of these American party movies, you’ve hopefully watched some episodes of Jimmy Fallon‘s late night talk show. Because he not only brings on your favourite celebrities to talk about their newest project or to just chat with them, he’s also known for playing games with them and introducing viewers to new and wacky version of popular games. Almost every episode has a game and some of those games include alcohol. 

Beer is probably the cheapest alcohol in the market and you can buy it in a six-pack, or in crates or as you see in the movies in kegs. The keg stand is a popular event, but not exactly a game that’s on our list. So we’re giving you time to plan and organise your very own Beer Olympics. Invite your friends over, try these games and let us know if they work.

Beer Pong


It’s a lot like playing ping pong, but the difference is that there is no bat. And you have to be really good at aiming. Line up your cups of beer at two ends of a ping pong table (or a table of the same size) and each person takes turns to throw the ball into a cup on the opposite side of the table. If it lands in the glass, the other person has to drink the beer. The person who drinks the most beer loses, that simple!

Flip Cup

While this game isn’t as popular as beer pong, it’s quite fun. Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, this game has become quite a popular thing to play. You fill glasses or Red Solo Cups with beer and line it up along the long edge of the table. Then one person on each side needs to finish the beer in the cup, flip it till it’s sitting open side down. The person who gets all the cups flipped over wins! 

Musical Beers

Another game inspired by Jimmy Fallon. Honestly speaking, he didn’t create it, but he’s definitely made it popular by bringing more than one celebrity into the game to get it done. Much like musical chairs, but with beer, everybody moves around a table that has glasses of beer placed strategically. And each round one glass is reduced till there’s only one person left standing.



Known as different games in different parts of the world, this game works a lot like beer pong. But instead of a ping pong ball, it’s a quarter or a small coin in whatever part of the world you are in. The aim is to flick the coin into the glass of beer and if it lands, the person has to drink the entire thing. If you’re ever at a bar and you hear people chanting “chug! chug! chug! chug!” it’s probably because someone got a quarter dropped in their beer and they have to finish it.

Have fun and drink responsibly!