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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Summer Ready


It’s that time of the year again – the sun is out and the skies are blue. While everyone these days will talk about “Winter is here!” but it is actually summer season – when the gloominess of winter is gone and there is brightness all around. A delight for summer babies out there – it’s time to shake off the winter blues and spring into summer. 

Preparing for summer doesn’t necessarily require an elaborate guide, however it is important to plan and prioritize your routine early. There are also some changes that you need to bring in your daily routine to be ready for summers. Here is a basic guide for you to be summer ready. 

  • Update Your Summer Wardrobe

It’s time to say goodbye to winter wear and fill your closet with some key summer staples. Summer essentials include t-shirts, shorts, floaty dresses made of breathable fabrics, comfortable sandals and floaters. Also, an essential thing is to switch to the summer colour palette – the pastels and softer tints that help you beat the heat and be comfortable. 

  • Get Active

It is noteworthy that physical exercise is a must to be healthy and be fit. Try out outdoor activities such as swimming, biking, tennis which help get rid of lethargy and keep you active all day long. It is also great to go for an evening stroll or do yoga – to stay fit and fine. 

  • Travel

The perfect escape to the summer heat is a quick getaway to the hills or the beach. Families can also spend a good weekend at water parks where children enjoy water games. Go for a vacation -a solo trip or one with your friends or family, and give yourself a much-needed break.  

  • Keep your summer essentials ready 

It is time to add your sunscreen lotions and skincare essentials to bear the summers. It is also time to get your air conditioners and coolers serviced and buy new fans required for your home.  

  • Make Time for self-improvement

Summer is a good time to work on yourself. Learning a new language or developing a new hobby or a skill are some things that people opt for. Children can join summer camps while elders can look for summer internships to learn something new.

  • Spend time with your friends

What better way to spend a hot Saturday than catching up with your friends and sipping on some of your favourite summer drinks? Be it beer, aam panna, lemonade – nimbu panior beljuice, these drinks make perfect summer drinks. This summer, try out wheat beer – an ideal summer drink which is refreshing and light and perfect for a relaxing Friday or a lazy weekend. A new wheat beer to try this season is the Mahou Maestra Wheat beer – its citrus flavour with Sevillan orange and Himalayan coriander, make it refreshing, delectable and a perfect drink to beat the scorching heat.