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Abomination or Masterpiece: Burger King US Launches Mac ‘N Cheetos Today


There have been food hybrids galore in the past few years. Cronuts, Flagels and French Toast Bagels were all regarded as either master creations or abominations depending on who you talked to.


Fast food giants were quick to jump on the hybrid wagon; Dunkin’ Donuts came up with the Bacon & Eggs donut sandwich, KFC sold the Double Down (chicken filets sandwiching bacond cheese and sauce) for a limited tie while Burger King released the Pizza-Size burger – four Whopper burger patties sliced into six. Most recently, Burger King added a new invention to their hybrid repertoire; Mac ‘N Cheetos. 

Mac ‘N Cheetos

True to its name, Mac ‘N Cheetos is made by coating deep-fried sticks of macaroni and cheese coated with Cheetos breading. Each serving adds up to 210 calories and will be sold for $2.49.


“It’s quite unique,” Burger King North America president Alex Macedo told Bloomberg. “We’re working on a few other menu items.” What will these new menu items be, we wonder? A leaning tower of Whoppers? A Mac & cheese burger patty?

But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Right now, the world is focusing on the Mac ‘N Cheetos – here are a few reactions from the few that have tasted the creation –

The Reactions

Reporters at ABC News who got a sneak taste of the item before they were released in South California had mixed reactions. Olivia Smith, a multimedia reporter said “Is it weird that I love them? I hate myself.” However, senior video producer, Brian Canova said “The only good thing about it is that it didn’t turn my fingers orange.”


Taste testers over at Business Insider had similarly mixed opinions, with one saying “as a purveyor of absurdly flavored garbage guilt food, such as gas station corn dogs and dill pickle sunflower seeds, this was seriously disappointing. They really need to lean in more on the Cheeto flavor. It was like they took normal breading and made it orange, it didn’t have that super-duper fake Cheeto cheese flavor that I wanted.”

However, another one said “my mouth is so confused and I’m so concerned as to how much I think I like these,” said another. “I ate gourmet French cuisine yesterday and I am deriving nearly the same amount of satisfaction now.”

Meanwhile, here’s what Twitter had to say:

However, don’t take things on hearsay. The Mac ‘N Cheetos will be launched at select Buirger King outlets on Monday; head over and tell us what you think.