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Most addictive and least addictive foods


Those who love food will know that there are certain foods you just can’t get enough of. For some it can be a certain chocolate, for others it can be as simple as chips doughnuts, burgers that just happen to disappear into thin air when you’re around. Others swear to start their diet tomorrow because they had all the junk food they’d want or crave for today. Is it food addiction or is it simply that you can’t resist the food?
About a decade ago scientists conducted a research to ascertain people’s claims that food addiction was real. This research was conducted on rats and it was found that rats couldn’t resist junk food. Recent research completed by the Icahn School of Medicine, in Mount Sinai, and published online by the Public Library of Science, has listed out the ten foods that are most and least addictive. Although researchers do not want to put food addiction on the same plane as drugs and alcohol, the signs of addiction are pretty much evident in people around certain foods.
504 participants were asked how they felt about certain foods, i.e. they could eat to the point where it made them ill or could they just pass it up. This is the list of the most and least addictive foods according the research conducted by Icahn School of Medicine.
Most addictive foods
1.       Pizza
2.       Chocolate
3.       Chips
4.       Ice cream
5.       Cookies
Least addictive foods
1.       Brown rice
2.       Apples
3.       Beans
4.       Carrots
5.       Cucumbers
Notice how the most addictive foods are all processed foods and the least addictive are not? The study found that the reason for addictive-like eating was probably because of the added sugar, fats, etc. in the processed foods. This study is just the beginning of more in-depth research on food addiction and what really makes food addictive.