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Alia Bhatt Is All About Wakin’ & Cakin’


B-town’s heartthrob Alia Bhatt loves cake and she has been extremely vocal about her love story! The 25-year-old Bollywood diva had a roller coaster ride while dealing with her weight loss but she is now one of the fittest in the industry. She has taken to Instagram and other social media platforms to express her never-ending love for this dessert. All her birthdays involve getting a specially customised cake for herself and her 22nd birthday saw a line up of 6 delicious cakes from family and friends! That my friends really is true love.


Although Alia Bhatt follows a very strict diet during her shoots, she makes sure she gets herself the much-deserved cheat meal after a long week’s work. At a recent high profile wedding, she was seen holding a prop that says “I am here for the cake.” What more proof do we need?

Let us all take some food-spiration from Alia and indulge in some yummy Chocolate Cake this week. Check out the recipe here.

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