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It’s Almost Spring In Japan And That Means It’s Also Time For Cherry Blossom Beer


This might just be our favourite piece of news today. Japan has always had a way of infusing different elements that the country is best known for and creating something quite simple, but interesting at the same time.

When you think of Japan, the first thing that comes to mind (after Hello Kitty, of course) are the Cherry Blossoms and with the season right around the corner, this news couldn’t come at a better time. But the best part is that when it is Cherry Blossom season, Sankt Gallen brewery is going to be ready to serve you their new Cherry Blossom Beer.

RocketNews24 reported on this and said that Sankt Gallen is a craft brewery that is known for their unusual flavours including an Apple Cinnamon Beer that is made with real apples. The Cherry Blossom beer will also be made using actual cherry blossom petals and leaves and brewed with wheat germ. They describe it as crisp and refreshing, and not particularly hoppy. Which obviously makes it a great drink during spring while you relax under the cherry blossoms.


As you’d expect, the Cherry Blossom Beer is seasonal and only available in Spring. It’s available in some Japanese stores and on their website, but make sure you get your hands on them as soon as possible, because come April, the beer will no longer be available. Also, yes, it is only available in Japan, so maybe now is a really good time to just hop on that plane and head on over. We know we’re going to do it.